How Safe Is Online Dating For Women?

More Tips for Safe Online Dating

While the Internet is getting more social and people having less time to socialize due to more time spent at the office and commuting to and from work, more and more singles are using Internet dating in the hope of meeting the love of their lives. Online dating may also be an great way to meet a man for a woman not confident enough to start flirting. Some people may claim Internet dating is very dangerous, but is it as dangerous as meeting a stranger at a bar in the flesh? Here are a few lifesaving tips from woman to woman for online Internet dating safety.דיסקרטי

It is very easy to pretend to be someone else when chatting online with a person you have never met and even though you are unlikely to meet a serial killer or a psychopath, the handsome single guy you have befriended online may actually be a married man hoping to cheat on his wife or a gigolo hoping to meet and deceive a rich lady. In some rare instances, he may actually be who he claims he is.

When you meet a total stranger in the street, at a bar or at the gym, if you strike a conversation and want to meet again, usually the guy asks for the girl’s phone number. Are you sure you really want to entrust a stranger with your home or mobile phone number? Internet dating online provides you with the possibility or communicating anonymously: you do not have to reveal your address, phone number or email address if you want to stay in contact with the other person; you can even use a pseudonym instead of your real name; and if he turns out to be a psychopath, you always have the possibility to put a ban on his contacting you through the dating service provider.

Online dating services allow you to get to know someone before taking the risk of meeting that person in the flesh; of course this is open to some inaccuracies, but just the same as an old balding man would describe himself as a handsome, mature-looking man, you can use this to your advantage by describing yourself as a voluptuous woman if you are a little overweight or even as a slim or slender woman if you haven’t been blessed with a womanly figure. The photograph (maybe optional) that you choose to display on your profile should of course limit the amount of lies you can tell about your physical appearance. Hopefully online chats will reveal some of your contact’s personality, and physical appearances should take a backseat as most long-lasting relationships are based more on the compatibility of two people’s personalities than on whether two persons are very attractive or not.



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